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Clover POS Systems Are Perfect For Restaurants And Retail!

With Trinity Payment Solutions LLC, we work hand in hand to provide a variety of solutions to meet your business needs. We have a payment option for you no matter what your need is! The Clover POS system is a payment solution which can help any organization. Check out some of options below!

We have partnered with Clover Flex to provide you with versatile, quick and free payment processing. Simple to carry and easy to hand over to customers to dip, swipe, press, sign or enter a PIN, Clover Flex offers the best in versatility and convenience in a single device that frees the brain for things that are important.

Looking for a contactless payment?

Stay Healthy and Safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep safe with contactless payments. Our devices have contactless payment options and quick contactless pick-ups and deliveries options.

The all-in-one Clover POS system which includes a cash drawer and a receipt printer.

No hidden charges. No secret costs.

Spacious, functional screen

The 14 "high-definition allows your business to get the job done smoothly and simple, from the control of inventories and staff to payments and accounts.

Custom orders

Make fast and correct custom orders. Check an object in the line, add or delete optional items and modifications and change the overall order automatically.

Quick, durable, reliable

To help you operate your company faster, Clover Station holds loads of computing power: upgrade inventory, handle your employees, take orders, and pull reports. Now with a speedier CPU and more RAM.

Top of the line security

The Clover Station provides you with fingerprint authentication to improve workplace protection and end-to-end encryption of each activity to better secure the data for you and your customers

Hardware Options For Clover POS System

Clover Station Pro

The workhorse of your Clover point of service system

Features include:

  • Ethernet & WiFi
  • All Clover products support credit, EMV, NFC & gift cards
  • Modern design with minimal countertop footprint
  • Compatible with cash drawer, scales & barcode scanner
  • Convenient external power adapter
  • Extensive App Market

Clover Mini

Your small, but powerful payment solution

Features include:

  • Ethernet, WiFi & 3G
  • Compact countertop footprint 6.0” x 5.25”
  • Compatible with cash drawer & scales
  • Convenient external power adapter
  • Full Clover features, including the
    Clover® App Market

Clover Flex

When you need that mobile payment solution

Features include:

  • WiFi/LTE
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Take orders at the table
  • 5″ HD touchscreen
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Lithium ion battery with 12 hour life
  • Full Clover features, including the Clover® App Market

 Begin taking orders right out of the box, with minuscule setup and learning. Categories, codes, modifiers and variations can help you manage your inventory up-to-date and organized. Build an entertaining, successful reward program in minutes—absolutely free, no strings attached. We also have custom-branded gift cards. Sign in at any time, wherever you want to see your purchases, bestsellers, and all from any smartphone or computer.

The Clover POS System is a system for all-in-one transactions and payments

Clover Station is built to be of assistance in several respects. Transactions speed up. Simplifying the daily activities. Safely processing  the latest payments. Allowing you to concentrate on your business!

Advanced Security

You and your clients are in safe hands, with an embedded EMV chip and signature, plus a fingerprint reader for safe employee access.

tools to streamline your business

Clover POS system offers 20 pre-installed applications to conduct complicated tasks easily or choose the perfect device from  the Clover App Market

Smoothly links with other products

Smoothly links to all Clover tools, Clover POS system functions smoothly to facilitate business purchases at the register, in queue, or on the move.

Clover Flex- Handheld payment solution

In The Restaurant Or Your Retail Store The Clover Flex Will Make Your Business Run Smooth!

Clover Flex is able to work on the move, with WiFi and it’s 3G-ready. This stays in the hand’s palm ,making the Clover Flex ideal for line busting. Clover Flex accepts credit, debit, EMV® chip cards, contactless payments, (like Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, etc.) gift cards, and cash. With you, Clover Flex grows. You will operate a total POS from the same portable system that brings the payments from the warehouse to the employee and consumer service all into one handheld payment solution
  • Designed and perfected to Travel.
  • All your payment methods in one place
  • Top quality security and 24/7 support
  • Clear, Bright, 5 inch HD touchscreen display
  • Speedy quad-core A& CPU, 1GB RAM
  • 2100mAh Lithium-Ion battery supports up to 8 hours of use for a typical small-to-medium sized business
Clover Mini POS System

The Clover Mini Is Your All-In-One Payment Solution!

  • A full point of sale device within a compact machine
  • Perfect for any counter at your restaurant
  • Better serve your guests: give deals and sales, optimize carry-out and take the pressure off from incorrect orders.
  •  Pre-authorize bar tabs
  • With the Clover Mini you can accept any form of payment.

The Clover mini is an all-in-one POS, with its own network

The Clover Mini POS  is small enough to fit into any area but strong enough to operate your company. Clover  Mini with LTE offers you the extra benefit of your own cellular network coverage. Just using it as backup or in places that do not have WiFi or an ethernet link.

Support more forms of payments from magnetic stripes and credit and debit smartcards to contactless (like Applepay)—all requiring no extra devices.

Seamlessly pairs up with other Clover units. You may take orders in a bar or at a table, and take their payment at a register on another Clover unit.

Inventory Management

Create categories, groups, and modifiers; shift or switch orders; make adjustments to partly paying orders

Bundled Apps

Orders, Register, Promos, Rewards, Employees, Reporting, and others. If you need it we have it


Contactless and conventional transfers, paperless receipts and offline payment process offline

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