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Exatouch Point Of Sale: EMV Ready!

With Exatouch®, businesses of all sizes and industries can process payments for daily operations securely and easily. Our feature payments and sales solutions offer a comprehensive suite of tools to manage product inventory tracking, accounting, marketing campaigns, customer loyalty programs, gift card processing, and more. Plus, with EMV (chip cards) certified payment solutions now integrated with Exatouch®, you can rest assured that your transactions are safe and your customers have an awesome experience that is flawless. Invest in this POS system today and make your business operations more efficient!

Businesses are increasingly leveraging modern payment technologies, vendor management solutions, and comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to gain greater insights into their overall operations. By streamlining employee, customer, and vendor management processes, businesses can effectively monitor real-time stock counts, purchasing trends, and other critical business performance metrics in real-time.

Exatouch® offers a comprehensive suite of popular features to help businesses manage their operations more efficiently:

  • Accept all major credit/debit cards, including EMV (chip cards), EBT, signature capture, and contactless payments.
  • Single Deposit for all credit card processing types.
  • Integrated gift card program – eGiftSolutions.
  • Menu/inventory management and customer loyalty programs.
  • Mobile payment processing with next-day funding as well as offline processing.
  • Caller ID integration and address verification in Google Maps (with Delivery Manager).
  • Scan data loyalty program for tracking customer purchases.
  • Customizable promos & discounts.
  • Gift Card Assistance from one of our product specialists.
  • Helps day-to-day operations with ease.
  • Daily cloud backups.
  • Table Mapping

Hardware Features For Exatouch

Exatouch Is A Complete POS System

Top-Rated Performance. Superior Product. Sophisticated Integrations.

This Seamless Package Includes:
All-in-one touchscreen, feature-rich software, thermal printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, customer display, wireless keyboard/mouse, and semi-integrated EMV-ready card swiper.


Simple. Friendly To Use. Safe

10″ Touchscreen Tablet Features:
Full software capabilities, complete order entry, table map and multi-zone, front-of-house management, line busting, and support for EMV-ready card swiper.

Restaurant Point Of Sale System

Server Station Designed To Connect With Your Exatouch POS

Our Exatouch Restaurant Bundle Is The Perfect Addition, Maximizing Operations With:
All-in-one touchscreen, full software capabilities, thermal printer, and complete, convenient order entry for servers!

exatouch for restaurant

Exatouch Point Of Sale System

When you decide to use the Exatouch Point of Sale system for your business, you get a comprehensive and sophisticated software-rich POS solution at a very reasonable price. The full point-of-sale package comes with all the hardware, applications, and ongoing support that you need for successful business operations. Not only does it give you an integrated and user-friendly system tailored to your specific industry, but you also reap significant cost savings and all the benefits of working with an electronic Payments provider.

The Exatouch Point of Sale system offers a variety of payment services that make transactions more secure and efficient for both customers and business owners. These include advanced fraud prevention tools, secure tokenization, PCI compliance, and real-time credit card processing. Plus, you can access the system’s reporting features to easily track sales trends to make informed decisions about your business.

You also get a wide range of customer service options with the Exatouch Point of Sale technology. It offers 24/7 online support as well as live chat and phone support. You can also get help from experts to customize the system for your industry, set up any additional hardware or software you need, and troubleshoot any issues quickly and easily.

Streamlining Business With Exatouch Appointment Scheduling

The Exatouch Point of Sale system makes managing customer appointments easy. You can set up appointment scheduling with customized availability, confirm Appointment confirmations, and send appointment reminder emails. This allows you to ensure customers are aware of their upcoming appointments in a timely manner. You can also track the Appointment status of each appointment. This allows you to quickly identify upcoming appointments and manage or reschedule existing ones.

Customizable messages for appointment reminders allow you to personalize each reminder while the intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it simple to keep an eye on upcoming appointments, manage existing ones, and reschedule if needed. With these features, this point-of-sale system simplifies customer appointment setting so your business runs more efficiently.

Unlock Profitability And Loyalty With Customer Promotions

With the help of key promotions, frequent buyer discounts, regular buying discounts, and regular customer discounts, you can ensure your customers are getting the best deals possible while still making sure your business remains profitable. The POS system also makes it easier to track sales data so you can identify trends in consumer behavior which can be used to refine promotional strategies.

Maximize profits with this amazing POS system with a variety of customizable promotions to customers, allowing them to take advantage of discounts and special offers. With the ability to customize each promotion, businesses can create unique deals that are tailored to their specific products and services. The flexibility offered by the Exatouch POS allows businesses to save time and money by designing customizable promotions that generate more sales and repeat customers.

Exatouch Point of Sale is the perfect solution to help you get the most out of your customer promotions. With its versatile and user-friendly interface, you can easily create promotional campaigns tailored to your business’s unique needs and drive more sales in a cost-effective manner. Not only will this increase profits through loyalty rewards, but it also allows for easy profit tracking so that you can maximize additional profits. Start using the Exatouch POS system today to give your customers the best deals and loyalty rewards while enjoying additional profits.

Payment Processing That Is Affordable

The Exatouch Point of Sale System is a great choice if you want an all-in-one POS solution that’s affordable, easy to use, secure, and efficient. You get all the features you need for successful business operations at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. With countless features, this POS will take your business to the next level!

  • Affordable upfront costs
  • Cutting-edge financial technology company
  • In-house technical help 24/7
  • Total EMV help, plus tip modification on EMV
  • Free inventory/menu programming and training
  • Top Quality hardware and full-feature software systems
  • Customer management software.
  • Office management software.
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Direct network integrations
  • Detailed Customer Database
  • No gateway or middleware fees

Exatouch: The Perfect Solution For All Types Of Businesses!

Grocery stores, markets, and convenience stores are essential parts of any community, providing customers with the essentials they need. But managing all the customers at these locations can be overwhelming for the store owners. That’s where Exatouch comes in. It is a POS (Point of Sale) system designed to help service businesses like restaurants, retail merchants, liquor stores, salons/spas, and convenience stores streamline operations and optimize contactless payment methods. It is also ideal for specialty shops like butcher shops, ice cream stores, as well as pet supply stores. With its comprehensive features, store owners can easily manage customers in their brick-and-mortar locations, out in the field, and even a combination of both.

Exatouch is the perfect POS solution for a variety of businesses and industries. Here are just some of the businesses this smart system can benefit:

  • Restaurants: Exatouch features integrated order management, kitchen productivity, labeling capabilities, and more to ensure that restaurant operations run smoothly. It also offers multiple payment options for customers and accepts all card types.
  • Retail Merchants: Exatouch provides retail companies with a comprehensive feature set to help them manage their sales, employee scheduling, and inventory management. This system also offers powerful marketing tools to help boost customer engagement. Retailers love how this can help with the customer experience and process entire orders quickly.
  • Hotels: Exatouch has a number of features designed specifically for hotels, such as room reservations, group bookings, and loyalty programs. This system also enables employees to easily track guest requests and provide prompt service. 
  • Liquor Stores: Exatouch features a secure method payment gateway, advanced reporting capabilities, and integrated e-commerce solutions to help liquor stores streamline operations. This is especially helpful for high-volume liquor stores that have high quantities of items.
  • Salons/Spas: It is the perfect POS system for salons and spas, offering features like appointment scheduling, and customer loyalty programs with rewards and custom promotions.
  • Convenience Stores: It provides convenience stores with optimized payment processing, inventory tracking, automated replenishment, and more. The perfect POS to process entire payments.
  • Automotive Shops:  Exatouch is the perfect POS for automotive shops due to its ability to process entire payments quickly and accurately, track inventory, manage customers, and create customized reports. This makes it much easier for shop owners to monitor their business operations effectively. 
  • Grocery Stores: This POS system is ideal for grocery stores, providing features such as integrated scales and barcode scanners, quick checkout processing, real-time inventory tracking, and automated replenishment. These features enable store owners to manage their businesses efficiently. 
  • Specialty Shops: It has a variety of features to help specialty shops like butcher shops and ice cream & yogurt stores manage their customers, sales, inventory, and employees more efficiently.
  • Fast Food Restaurants:  Exatouch offers an intuitive, easy-to-use POS system specifically designed for fast food restaurants. This powerful software allows restaurant owners to track their inventory and sales more effectively, streamline customer orders, perform administrative tasks easily, and offer rewards programs.
  • Coffee Shops:  This point-of-sale system is a great solution for coffee shops as it provides payment processing, inventory tracking and replenishment, employee management, and rewards programs. It also allows shop owners to offer loyalty points and discount codes to their customers in order to boost sales and customer retention.
  • Pet Supplies Stores: It offers pet supply stores the ability to track sales trends with advanced reporting capabilities. It also helps with employee management and inventory levels.
  • Food trucks: Exatouch is also the perfect POS solution for food trucks, offering features like cash management, menu engineering, mobile payment processing, and customer loyalty programs.
  • Business: It provides service businesses with multiple payment options, automated invoicing, and more to help them manage their customers out in the field or inside their brick-and-mortar location.
  • Ice Cream Shops: It is a great POS option for ice cream shops. It offers features like customer loyalty management, automated ordering, employee tracking, and product traceability that help streamline operations in the store. It also allows customers to pay quickly with mobile payment processing, integrated gift card programs, and reward points systems. 
  • Butcher Shop:  Exatouch is perfect for butcher shops too, offering features like automated ordering, customer loyalty management, and inventory tracking that help streamline operations in the store. 
exatouch bundle

Get Fast And Reliable Technical Support With Exatouch!

Exatouch Technical Support provides customers with helpful instructions and step-by-step guidance to ensure a successful installation. Whether you need pickup instructions, special instructions, or general help, it will provide the technical support you need quickly and efficiently. Their team of experts is always available to answer questions or troubleshoot any issues that might arise. With Exatouch’s technical support, you can rest easy knowing that your system is running smoothly and securely. Their level of service is unmatched.

This Point of Sale system also offers training options to users so they know exactly how to use the system properly. All customers have access to comprehensive online tutorials as well as in-person training sessions with qualified professionals. With these training options, customers can be sure that they are fully equipped to use the system properly and maximize its full potential.


It provides an all-in-one POS solution for your business needs. Their comprehensive software package is tailored to fit any industry and offers cost savings and reliable technical support with every purchase. Whether you need help with installation, training, or support, it has reliable resources to help make your business run smoothly. With its fast and efficient support services, it makes sure that all customers get the best out of their POS system.

Get The All-In-One Solution For Your Business With The Exatouch Point Of Sale System!

With Exatouch Point of Sale, businesses can easily and securely manage their operations with a comprehensive suite of features that include payment processing, accounting, customer loyalty programs, and more. Plus, it is EMV-ready and has excellent customer support to make navigating any problems easy. Whether you need a minor tweak or a major overhaul, this Point of Sale provides the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes with its all-in-one touchscreen system and comprehensive features. Invest in Exatouch POS today and make your business operations more efficient!


The Exatouch Point of Sale system offers a comprehensive suite of features that help businesses easily and securely manage their operations. It provides payment processing, accounting, customer loyalty programs, menu engineering, automated invoicing, for service businesses, cash management, product traceability, and more. Additionally, it is EMV-ready to ensure fast and secure payments from customers. Plus, with its all-in-one touchscreen system and comprehensive features, the Exatouch Point of Sale System is perfect for businesses of any size looking to streamline their operations. Invest in Exatouch today and make your business operations more efficient!

Exatouch POS is a point-of-sale system for merchants, enabling them to accept payments and manage their business operations more efficiently.

Yes! With the mobile app you can access your data from anywhere and view sales reports in real time on your iOS or Android device.

The Exatouch POS system integrates with existing hardware components such as cash drawers and scanners to create an efficient checkout experience for customers. The software also includes features such as product categorization and search capabilities, employee time clock tracking, customer loyalty programs, and more. Data can be accessed via the built-in web portal or mobile apps to view sales trends, analyze customer data and set goals for your business.

The Exatouch POS supports all major credit cards, debit cards, checks, gift cards, and ACH payments. Additionally, it is capable of participating in government-subsidized payment options like SNAP EBT, and WIC. Contact your local processor for a complete list of supported payment methods.

The Exatouch Point-of-Sale system includes multiple features designed to make managing your retail business easier and more efficient: Inventory tracking & ordering; Employee Time Clock; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Integrated Payments; Reporting & Analytics; Loyalty Programs; Multi-Store Support, Gift Cards, Age Verification, Advanced Security & Compliance. Plus you get the benefits of a POS Cloud or Cloud Hybrid solution with cloud backup and sync capabilities as well as mobile apps for iOS & Android devices.

With intuitive touchscreen technology and an organized menu structure, users are able to quickly become familiar with all the available features in the system. It also offers quick lookup buttons that make navigating information easier than ever before.

Yes! The reporting capabilities within the Exatouch system enable a comprehensive review of sales data and labor management reports which allow business owners to make informed decisions about their operations as well as identify any potential issues or opportunities.

Yes! The Exatouch team provides tutorials that can walk you through all of the basics of using our system. Additionally, support also provides online video conference training sessions for those who wish to have more in-depth education about how to use our product most effectively.

Yes! The Exatouch POS can accommodate multiple users with flexible user permissions so you can assign different roles within the system depending on your needs.

Yes! The Exatouch POS supports major mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

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