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Payment Processing for Automotive Repair Shops and Car Dealerships

Automotive shops and car dealership merchant accounts are generally larger than other businesses because of the large amount of complex quoting and deals that need to be handled by the business. Payment processing for auto shops and dealerships will vary from smaller businesses because there is more at play with credit cards and payments.

As an automobile dealership or repair shop business owner, you require a payment provider that allows you to operate your business more efficiently. Trinity Payment Solutions gives you the ability to handle several departments and sites from one login. Customers will have peace of mind knowing their payments are secure, as well as a quick checkout experience, thanks to our improved level of security on all transactions

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It’s Simple to Customize Your Merchant Account to Meet Your Specific Needs

You can keep an eye on transactions in real-time through your online dashboard with Trinity Payment Solutions. This means you can check up on each department’s activity in real-time.

It’s also simple to customize your payment processing solution because we offer customizable credit card terminals that work with high-resolution displays. We’ll even help you find the right system to meet your business needs. Payment processing for auto shops and dealerships can be affected by hardware, software, and customization.

Always Have the Payment Solution You Need With Trinity Payment Solutions

Trinity Payment Solutions is ready to go when you are because unlike other merchant services providers, we don’t lock you into a contract. To ensure that you’re satisfied with your auto shop or dealership solutions, we offer top-notch customer service and a great experience. Payment processing for auto shops and dealerships can be affected by customer service, pricing, timing, and security.

We make it easy for you to get started with your credit card terminals because we offer free equipment and no sign-up fees. So, spend time focusing on your business, not higher fees or unnecessary expenses. Payment processing for auto shops and car dealerships is complicated but with Trinity Payment Solutions, it’s easier than ever!

We are PCI Compliant

It’s critical to your clients that you accept payments safely. All of our services are PCI-DSS compliant, and your business is kept up to date. Payment processing for auto shops and dealerships is made easy when you work with Trinity Payment Solutions.

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Automotive Businesses’ Credit Card Terminals

To have a good experience with customers, you need to be able to take different kinds of payments. That means having state-of-the-art payment processing technology.

When you partner with Trinity Payment Solutions, you can choose from a wired, wireless, virtual, and even mobile terminal. Know that every terminal we offer is encrypted and safe for your personal information. We are happy to give you a free credit card reader and terminal too!

We have many ways that you can process credit and debit cards. We have card readers and terminals that work with most cards. We also have a mobile reader for when you are on the go. It turns your phone into a checkout counter.

Safe & Secure Payment Processing for Your Auto Dealership and Car mechanic Business

Safe & secure payment processing for car dealers and auto repair shop gives customers a safe and reliable way to pay for auto services. Customers who are looking to purchase a vehicle from an automotive business or just need routine maintenance on their vehicle want to feel confident that they can trust the people they do business with. One of the ways that you build this level of trust is by offering payment processing that is safe and reliable. Customers know and understand that there will be some forms of payment other than cash but they still appreciate the option to use their credit card.

Customers are happy that they can pay with a credit or debit card because it’s convenient and secure. Employees can assist many customers at once by accepting cards everywhere they go, without having to carry around loose change or large amounts of cash.

TPS Is the Preferred Choice for Payment Processing by Car Dealerships

We’re the industry leader in terms of innovation and security, but we’re especially proud of our outstanding customer service team. We partner with Electronic Merchant Systems, Clover, and many more top-of-the-line vendors.

We understand how difficult it is to establish a new payment system for your automobile business. We can help you find the right equipment and processing services for your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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