Retail Store POS System

Exatouch... The Best POS System for Your Retail Store!

Exatouch ® is not your ordinary POS, designed to drive retailers with a feature-set far beyond the traditional point of sale. Exatouch keeps tabs on everything from the stock room to the clients, promotions and total revenue, integrating payments and feature-rich apps.

8 Reasons You Should Choose Exatouch For Your Retail Store POS System!

1. Inventory Control

Through real-time inventory counts at your disposal, you will always know which items are low and when! Exatouch improves operational productivity by monitoring your best selling goods and zero movement goods, allowing you to determine potential purchasing decisions and change your prices accordingly. Now, with the Exatouch tablet, taking inventory literally got easier! Available in 7 “or 10” sizes, inventory can be taken right on the floor with absolute ease.

2. Detailed Customer Database

Show your gratitude and build on customer relationships based on company behavior and data with personalized deals and discounts. With each and every customer, Exatouch helps you to develop a comprehensive customer database, monitor orders, create and manage email promotions, and expand purchase and loyalty offers to ensure that every customer is a returning customer.

3. Integrated Payments

If you continue to search for an EMV solution for your company, Exatouch is your answer. Exatouch POS system supports the newest payment technologies, with our range of semi-integrated systems like EMV and contactless payments. You’ll also benefit from fast updates, maximum network uptime and a single deposit for all major card brands. Best of all, our direct network integrations mean that there are no gateway or middleware fees.

4. Customer Engagement and Promotions

Acknowledge your customers with regular buying discounts, or birthday and holiday deals, and attract them back. Additionally, on certain days of the week or at certain periods of the year, Exatouch can easily introduce BOGO deals, mix and match sales, and price cuts. Perfect for those special events or the holiday seasons! With the comprehensive reporting features of Exatouch, you can even look up buying history in order to better monitor your sales strategy and maximize your marketing strategies.

5. Protect Your Business 24/7

Exatouch protects your company with customisable levels of security and permissions. Track, add, or limit worker permissions based on assigned positions. Password prompts and approved Employee Access Cards ensure safe access with just one swipe to existing Exatouch screens!

6. Reporting Tools

Gain an even greater insight into your restaurant with the full reporting features of Exatouch! Analyze comprehensive information on revenue and inventories, financial results, output of employees ‘ salaries, and more! Additionally, email, export and print reports in a convenient way to keep up with daily tasks!

7. Support Made Simple

Payments, service, and support integrate with POS in a seamless package, with the power of Electronic Payments behind Exatouch. The Electronic Payments support team can help with your entire payments and POS system with one phone call, which include POS operating system questions, account and payment inquiries, gift card assistance and much more!

8. Exatouch POS System setup and training made easy

It has never been so easy to setup. Trinity Payment Solutions will load your retail store menu and product inventory into your system, and ensure that you know how to fully benefit from the many functionalities of Exatouch POS system.

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