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ProCharge® Is The Perfect Solution!

ProCharge® is a flexible, optimized payment framework built for the market ecosystem to develop. This offers the ultimate versatility, capable of handling purchases through credit card terminals, mobile devices or an electronic virtual terminal–an in-house portal with support for safe data storage and ongoing billing for card holders. All transaction data instantly synchronizes all computers, enabling data access and the freedom to perform transactions anywhere, wherever, without effort.  ProCharge can be used as a stand-alone payment method or as part of a completely integrated transaction framework!

ProCharge® Features

  • Low processing cost
  • Encrypted swiper
  • Supports multi-tender transactions
  • Email receipts
  • Integrated gift card program
  • Automatically syncs with ProCharge
  • Add items for quick sale
  • Next day funding and more!

ProCharge Payment Gateway®

All ProCharge® programs seamlessly synchronize transaction details to the ProCharge® Payment Gateway, delivering continuous real-operation and account updates; for example, if you have five team leaders performing ProCharge® Smartphone purchases, the payment gateway can monitor the behavior instantly. You needn’t do a thing!
  • User-friendly virtual terminal
  • Real-time reporting and activity details
  • Recurring billing, e-invoicing and secure storage and processing of cardholder data

ProCharge Plugin®

All ProCharge® programs seamlessly synchronize transaction details to the ProCharge® Plugin streamlines all your accounting operations. Just connect to your current QuickBooks® account and seamlessly merge your purchase and billing details-in real time! Directly via the accounting tools, you will be able to handle batch production, e-invoicing, annual payments and refunds. With our secure plugin , all confidential cardholder records are saved safely for potential usage, and you don’t have to keep questioning your clients about the same sensitive credit card information.

ProCharge Point Of Sale Plugin®

It has never been simpler to combine cash management into the accounting tools!! Designed for QuickBooks® Point of Sale, ProCharge® POS Plugin now handles the newest payment options for a fraction of the cost including pin, contactless, cash, and debit transactions!

  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks® Point of Sale
  • Rapid transaction speeds
  • Selection of leading hardware to process EMV/NFC transactions
  • Secure processing of cardholder data

*ProCharge® Plugin is designed for QuickBooks® Accounting Software versions 2014-2020 for Windows. Multi-user capable where supported; see system requirements for version information. ProCharge® POS Plugin is designed for QuickBooks® Point of Sale versions 12 (2014) – 18 (2018). QuickBooks® is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries, used under license.

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