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Exatouch POS system

Improve your market opportunities by incorporating payment systems and resources in a successful way. Exatouch ® is a full point of sale system that includes equipment, applications and professional support at a reasonable cost. Fit for restaurants, supermarkets, liquor stores, lounges / spas, automotive businesses and more, we can help you identify the perfect Exatouch equipment and processing solutions for your company!

Industry Leading Hardware

Exatouch is a new, high-performance solution which is designed to last. Our “everything-in – one” Exatouch packages come with an LCD touchscreen display and all the hardware required for your businesses payment solutions.

Function-rich Technology

You need it, Exatouch has it: staff planning, stock, arranging meetings, table visualization, client records, buying abilities, gift card services and more!

Programming, preparation and configuratio

It has never been so easy to setup. We can preload your menu and inventory to make sure you know how to reap the benefits of the many apps that Exatouch has to offer

Cloud Storage

The nights of stressing about data loss are over now! Your data is always available and stored securely with regular Data backup into our cloud.

Clover Flex- Handheld payment solution

Focus on the clients and not payment transfers! Clover ®’s efficiency and durability helps you to keep up with competition, ease the check-out cycle when handling staff, hold inventories and attract consumers.

Paperless Receipts

Text or email the receipt  to the consumer; quickly obtain the email  or telephone number from the consumer and start building your email marketing list.

Integrated Bookkeeping

Simplify your accounting and conveniently send information concerning your sales to QuickBooks ®.

Quick Transactions

Boost transaction speeds and streamline the checkout process using reliable barcode scanners and device sign-on abilities.

Formulate Rewards Programs

Track consumer behaviors and purchasing patterns to build incentives and maintain client loyalty services for current and established companies.


Assign workplace responsibilities and privileges, and control time effectively by customizing clock-in / out controls for job changes.

Cut Down Your Lines

Cut down waits by having the buyers buy products on the main floor.

gift card

Reliable and efficient gift card options are right at your fingertips! With eGiftSolutions ®, just like the big box stores, you can easily create a store-branded system. Whether its a franchise or a single location that needs gift cards, eGiftSolutions is guaranteed to boost sales, consumer satisfaction and overall brand awareness.

An Outstanding Interaction At All Touch Points

Whether your buyers are in-store or on – the-go, we assist most of the big sales point processing hardware, ensuring excellent check-out service and enhancing revenue anywhere your company may carry you.

Convenience Like No Other

Our gift card service blends effortlessly with your previous payment structure, providing maximum value to your staff and consumers. You’ll be able to activate, validate and refill gift cards with ease with only a few quick actions and speed checkout.

Merchandising Marketing Strategy

The trick to marketing gift cards is for consumers locate them quickly! With each new gift card order, you will receive a complimentary merchandising purchase point valued at more than $50.00. Reach as many gift card customers as possible through conveniently positioned signs and stickers effectively at the checkout counter.

Reporting Made Simple

Gift card sales and operation are easily monitored via our online reporting system in real time. You may also accomodate movement of money between multiple locations and/or franchises.

Award-Winning Customer Service

EGiftSolutions is developed and supported by Electronic Payments market pioneer, offering access to the latest technologies as well as the most experienced, responsive support staff.

Procharge Logo

ProCharge ® is a flexible, integrated payment framework designed for the business environment to evolve. It offers the utmost versatility, capable of processing transactions through credit card terminals, mobile devices or an online virtual terminal–an in-house portal with support for secure data storage and recurring billing for card holders. Every transaction data automatically synchronizes between devices, providing data access and the ability to process transactions anytime, anywhere, without effort. All implementations of ProCharge can be used as a stand-alone payment solution or as part of a fully integrated processing framework!

Next Day Funding

While several payment systems retain funds for lengthy periods of time, you can receive funding for all major bank cards the next day.

Support For eGiftSolutions

Enjoy streamlined management of gift cards.

PCI Certification

ProCharge ® is PCI certified, reducing security dangers and minimizing the risk for your company.

Easy Integration With Quickbooks

ProCharge offers a plug in that easily and securely integrates with QuickBooks.

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